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(800) 229-4598       1565 CO Hwy 66, Estes Park, CO 80517
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Award Winning Rams Horn Village Resort in Estes Park 

Rams Horn is one of the first Fractional Ownership Resorts offered in Colorado and is one of the most extraordinary. Owning a vacation home at Rams Horn Village Resort is an affordable way to fulfill your dream of luxury vacation home ownership in one of the most magnificent spots on earth, Estes Park, at the very Entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park.


Owning at Rams Horn Village in Estes Park is pure enjoyment, and free of the work, responsibility and most of the expense of a traditional vacation home in the Colorado Rockies. Deeded, Fractional Ownership at Rams Horn Village Resort means luxury vacationing, intelligently priced.


Vacation time for most of us is limited and treasured. Fractional Ownership at Rams Horn Village Resort makes the dream of Vacation Home Ownership very affordable now. No more waiting, hoping and dreaming. Not another moment wasted or memory forgone. Generations of family adventures can begin this very day.






  Celebrate the Season of New Beginnings




Like traditional vacation home ownership, Fractional Owners can enjoy their vacations in Estes Park, share their ownership with Families and friends, place some or all of their ownership for rental, pass their ownership on to the next generation or sell their deeded ownership. Plus, like a Timeshare, Owners have the flexibility of exchanging for comparable vacations through Resort Condominium International (RCI). Fractional Ownership offers the best of both worlds to achieve your dream of owning a vacation home in Estes Park with the added flexibility of worldwide travel.


Rams Horn Village Resort is fully owned and managed by its Owners for its Owners as a Non-Profit Association, the Rams Horn Village Owners’ Association, established in 1990. Serving long-term Owner interests is the primary objective of management of the Association. As a Self-Managed Association, we save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in outside management fees. We continually modernize and upgrade our resort and vacation cabins to meet the expectations and comfort of this and future generations of our Owners. The Cabins at Rams Horn Village Resort is among the highest rated Resorts in Colorado and throughout RCI’s Worldwide Exchange of 4000 Resorts Worldwide.






Celebrating 20+ Years


Owners have the flexibility to vacation at over 4,000 other resorts in 100 countries worldwide.


Make It Your Home


Rams Horn Village Owners used to rent

their family vacations, Now they OWN their

vacations at Rams Horn Village Resort.


Your Rockies Getaway


An experience you can count on. The Cabins at Rams Horn Village Resort are also available for rental.  View availability and pricing at www.rhvresort.com.